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Concrete Deck Truck Scale

The Ramara Series has been designed and built to provide lasting, accurate vehicle weighments in the most difficult environments. Ramara Series scales are Measurement Canada approved as legal-for-trade.

Load Cells and Mount

The self-checking load cell mount returns the scale to center without the use of check rods. Located above the bottom of the weighbridge, all wires, conduit and load cells are safe from damage. The mount has stainless steel upper and lower receivers. The 88,000 pound load cells can handle heavier loads, reducing costly failures. Many competitive models only have 50,000 or 75,000 pound capacity load cells.

The Ultimate Open Bottom Design

This represents the evolution of the open bottom design. Beams running longitudinally with traffic flow are welded to support members on both ends, on top, and at the bottom, minimizing deflection of the beam. This exceptional open-bottom design allows air to flow freely, reducing rust-causing moisture build-up.

Superior Finish

Finishing is a three-step process. Areas welded are cleaned of all welding flux, and oil accumulation. The steel is then completely wire brushed. All modules and stands are then painted with a one-part epoxy primer paint. Care is taken to ensure all areas receive coverage. Our standard finish is PPG Amerlock 2, this can be augmented to use other coating manufacturers. Finishes are available in either high gloss or matte cure.

Finish colors are completely up to the customer. Colors can match corporate, or location livery. If safety concerns are in place, high visibility colors can also be applied. 

Steel Deck Truck Scale

The Ramara steel deck truck scale is ideal for situations where a quick installation is necessary.

Concrete Deck Truck Scale

The Ramara concrete deck truck scale offers a higher resistance to corrosion and provides better traction in inclement weather conditions.


While many other manufactureres require costly site adjustments to fit their existing scale designs, we will save you money by modifying our designs to meet your needs. We can easily design custom lengths and profiles. We also offer custom paint colors. Choose your color to match your existing equipment or corporate colors.  

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